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October 2, 2014 / Patti Bryant

Victor Said…

October 2, 2014 / Patti Bryant

These Are More Than a Few

One of the blessings I have found in having adult children at this point in my life is that I can enjoy being with them as adults. We can do things we mutually like and hang out without worrying about school work or bedtime or practice and rehearsal schedules. Sometimes it overwhelms me when I realize all things we have in common. That’s right, I had no idea that I would share a love of music with my eldest daughter and enjoy spending time with her in the cemeteries for picnic lunches. Funny, huh. Would that mean that my personal debate on nature v. nurture could be concluded with it is both nature and nurture that forms the essence of a person? Ah, well. That, for another day.

A couple of months ago, I was seriously enjoying some local jazz at a local ale house with my Thing 1 (oldest daughter). I was feeling the happiness and peace of being with her and loving the music. Every once in a while, I would drop a key and add some flats along my musical journey of the evening. She would simply hold my hand. Maybe give it the two hand hold a bit. I told her this was one of my favourite things. She smiled and told me I need to make a list of my favourite things. And, of course, we started singing our best Julie Andrews.

The importance of writing is obvious to me for many reasons. It helps me remember. It helps me forget. It helps me heal. It helps me plan. In this case, writing a list of my favourite things would help me feel better for all I have had and know that if the world were to stop for me right now – I would know I have had love and fun and happiness in so many favourite things. I’ve been rattling this list around in my head for too long. Here is my current list of more than a few of my favourite things.

1. Jazz with CJ
2. Football with KC
3. Pretty much anything with CB
4. Tennis with G
5. Trains with E
6. Snuggling on the chaise with any and all – poor chair
7. Cemetery walks and talks and picnics
8. Picnics anywhere, any time
9. Waves
10. Wind
11. Water
12. Winter
13. Snow
14. Rain
15. Hot mulled wine
16. Laughing
17. Playing games with friends and family – if they don’t mind me winning
18. Friends over for anything
19. Movies with my family
20. Movies with CB so we can totally pick them apart and analyze every shot
21. My wild crazy goofy hilarious obnoxious silly family
22. Sewing by myself
23. Quiet
24. Sunsets out West
25. The ocean
26. Sunrises in winter in the mountains
27. Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner with friends
28. My friends
29. Writing
30. Helping others – after all, I am “Patti Jeanne, ‘Big Helper'” (It says so on my nametag)
31. Being a Ski Club Chaperone
32. Being a mom to my kids and their friends
33. Baking all day and making a huge mess in the kitchen
34. Trailer Park Donuts on the weekends
35. Sunday brunchfast for all the kids in the house
36. Campfires
37. Driving with the top down every chance I get
38. Walking
39. Paddling
40. Thrifting, but only when I actually need something (dangerous otherwise)
41. Creating
42. Traveling – not on the tour bus
43. Cooking for 20, 30, 40
44. Outdoor concerts
45. Making people happy
46. Learning anything and everything I can about anything and everything all the time
47. Debating
48. Eating
49. Getting lost in the local history section of the public library
50. Getting lost in any section of the public library
51. My Girl Scouts
52. The big bright sky
53. Making friends laugh
54. Being a wife
55. Taking care of my home
56. Playing in dirt
57. Driving the backroads
58. Taking a different route every time
59. Speaking up for those who can’t
60. Finding things for those who can’t
61. Markets
62. Music
63. Strawberries any way you can think of
64. Finding treasures
65. Happy surprises
66. The perfect gifts
67. Feeling my dad with me at the top of all ski runs
68. Knowing I’m made of strong stock
69. Memories of Gramma Chamberlain
70. My Grandpa’s breath mints, ‘cuz I smell them every once in a while
71. Summer breezes
72. Fresh Sangria
73. Floating
74. Mud runs
75. Beach volleyball – ok, I will just watch at this point
76. Road Trips
77. Weekends
78. Wednesdays
79. Fridays
80. Sunday afternoon naps
81. Westerns
82. Harry Connick, Jr., Jamie Cullum, and sundry fabulous pianists
83. Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Don Knotts, Dom Delouise, Bill Cosby
84. My hometown – all of them
85. Good marching bands
86. A little town in England
87. A smaller town in Spain
88. The Wisconsin Northwoods
89. Wisconsin.
90. Autumn colours
91. Thanksgiving
92. Christmas
93. Valentine’s Day
94. Our birthiversary
95. Halloween
96. Memorial Day
97. Labor Day Weekend
98. Easter
99. Fourth of July
100. I can’t decide what to list next. I think the rest of my favourites list has to ramble in my head. I have to make a condensed list (or several) to keep with me for those moments I need a reminder of how to make lemonade or how to tune my flat piano.

I can’t wait for the next time I can really enjoy any of these and those not listed in my more than a few of my favourite things list.


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