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December 17, 2014 / Patti Bryant

The Holidaze

I just paid off one of my holiday lay-a-ways for my youngest daughter. I thought I had a lower balance than I did. Bummer one of evening. I didn’t know about all the extra gizmos that need to go along with the major lay-a-way item so I spent even more money. Bummer two. Got home not feeling too sick to my stomach with buyer’s remorse and my youngest son says, “That’s not fair that she gets her Christmas present now! I have to wait until the ice thaws to get my gift!” Bummer number three. Well, maybe you should wish for a winter type object next time! Duh. A kayak, a bike, a skateboard – what were you thinking to ask for those kinds of things for Christmas?! Live and learn dood. Live and learn. ;-)

He’s all lovey-dovey tonight then. “Hugs all around” kind of thing. I feel like I just shot the family pet but, I have to remember that his gift is super awesome too.

This is the first year I’ve done this kind of thing for my kids. The two oldest are out of the house and on their own. Last year they got more than ever before with their kitchen supplies, dishes, silverware and groceries. Now, I have determined a set monetary amount for the independent livers and turned to a local sporting goods store to fulfill the Christmas wishes of my younger two. I told my husband tonight that I may start a lay-a-way with them earlier next fall and just settle into the rut of buying sporting goods for the kids from here on out. I mean, why not? No interest. No credit card. No monthly terms other than make a payment each month. Why not? So, really, there goes my thoughtful painstaking gift selection. I will start a payment plan in September for outdoor sporting goods for my kids’ Christmas gifts and they will be ecstatic with whatever I come up with. I’m sure.

It’s all so much more than we have ever been able to do. I do so hope my older kids realize that I would have figured out a way if they had had the interest in skiing, kayaking, tubing, whatever – I would have found a way to get them what they needed to participate in all those things. When a mom is in the mission of doing whatever it takes to give her kids whatever they need or want, she will find a way to make it happen. I would have, without complaint, done what was necessary for anything my kids were interested in. Fact. Present & past.

I am so thankful that God has made the means possible and will continue to bless us. I look forward to seeing how happy my kiddos are when they are enjoying their “biggest Christmas gifts ever” this season, and next season, and the next. I know I haven’t been brought this far to be  lost or dropped. God’s blessings will continue to be shared with us and I am eternally grateful for that fact.

Looking toward a very happy Christmas and an amazingly blessed New Year.

I wish the same for you!

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October 2, 2014 / Patti Bryant

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